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Large Red Oak .

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  • Hi,

    I had to remove the large maple tree in my front yard due to large branches breaking off the past 2 storms, as the tree was dead. I really did not want to remove it, or spend so much money doing it, but had no choice. I called around and got a few estimates and found Mike’s Tree Service to have the better price and they were affiliated with BBB, which was a plus in my mind. I was undecided about grinding the stump but did not want to leave it there. All other estimates were to grind it and I then leave the shavings for me to clean up, which I have heard can be a mess and alot of work. When I spoke with Megan about this she informed me they could grind the stump, haul the debris, then put top soil and grass seed down for the same price that all the others wanted just to grind it and leave the mess. I was sold!

    The crew was on time and very professional. The tree climber/cutter was amazing! I watched his “artwork”……it was like a dance. The crew cleaned up the WHOLE yard, even the branches still left from the past storm that I never got to yet! They climbed onto the roof and blew the saw dust and branches off. They left the yard looking better than when it was!

    The whole experience was the BEST in customer service! I work in healthcare and the motto is “100% customer service” These guys exhibited this to the max! And, they did not want payment until the job was done and I was completely satisfied. You don’t see that much these days!

    I am so glad I contacted Mike’s, and will recommend them to anyone needing this type of service.

    Thanks so much for a great job and wonderful experience! 😀

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